"If you let me try, you will let me die."

Gustavo Valdivia

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This is the lyrics for one of the soundtracks of the Grand Strategy computer game Europa Universalis IV, titled "The Stonemasons".

The phrase itself and music composition are very inspiring and raised up my curiosity on how would it sound in Latin.

"Give me a challenge, and I could happily die aiming to do it with perfection!"



Feles Curiosissima
It actually falls a bit flat in Latin, but if you really want it:

Si sines me conari, sines me mori. (Assuming the "you" is a single person, not a group of people.)

(For my fellow Latinists: I have used a future-more-vivid conditional as that seemed to be the more likely choice here.)


Homo Sapiens
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It's a rare alternate form, but if you replaced mori with moriri, the sentence has a nice rhythm and symmetrical number of syllables. Or you could use occidi (you will let me be killed)