Imāgō ("Reflection" from Disney's Mulan)


Civis Illustris
Another reconstruction/rewrite of another translation that I lost. As always, I concerned myself mainly with fitting the rhyme scheme and number of syllables per line, all the while being as faithful to the original meaning as possible under those constraints. No attempt was made to adhere to classical Roman meter, though I did try to align stress wherever I felt I could. I welcome any questions, suggestions, or even outright corrections, since this is probably not the final draft. If nothing else, more verses from the extended pop version are likely to be added.

Spectā mē.
Nōn, nec sponsa nec fīlia optima
Haud umquam habēbor.
Quōque diē
Vīvō persōnam agēns.

Sed certē,
Sī nātūram meam
Mōnstrārem, tunc
Paterētur mea gēns.

In speculō istō
Cuius est imāgō?
Cūr mī mōnstrat aliquem
Quem nōn nōvī?

Cūr est sequenda mī
Semper fraus speculī?
Quandō istud mōnstrābit
Hanc quae sum vērē?

Quandō istud mōnstrābit
Hanc quae sum vērē?