In Gods hands; Protect my Family; Protect my Children



hi all
greetings from Africa....
i have been thinking long and hard about my tattoo and after watch Boondock Saints the Irish..decided to have my writing in latin.It will be a spiritual message as it is for my son who is with me and my son who is with God..
i wanted it to be shorter than In nominePatris,et Filii,et Spiritus Sancti..


could you translate the following phrases for me pleeeeez...

1)In Gods hands
2)Protect my family
3)Protect my children

thank you so much


You need to be careful, because so much depends on context. In God's hands stationary, or moving INTO God's hands? Whom do you wish to protect your family? Some person (or Person?) singular or some persons plural? Making some assumptions, simple literal translations might be:

In manibus Dei.

Liberos meos custodi.

Familiam meam custodi.

But custodire might not be the ideal word here. It can mean to guard, like a treasure. But it can also mean to guard, like a prisoner, and surely that's not what is meant here.

The usual scriptural idiom, moreover, is the hand (singular) of God, manus Dei. Guessing at what you are looking for, I will point to Psalm cxxxix: 10

"Etenim illuc manus Tua deducet me: et tenebit me dextera Tua", or as the King James' has it "Even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me". A modification of the second half of the verse might give "Tenebit nos dextera Sua", "His right hand shall hold us".

I hope this helps. And I hope you will not be offended if I urge that you go slow here. Tattoos are permanent things, not seldom regretted, as the years flow by.


i have thought long and hard about getting a tattoo and after loosing a baby and now having a beautiful boy.I wanted to do something that will say goodbye but not forgotted and always with perminent as my love for my child i lost and the one i have is so is the tattoo.

We are Irish Catholic and St Joseph is the protector of children on my back will be Luke's(my son)hands with a rosery and st Joseph underneath that i wanted to right something that would simbolise me saying i know the soul that i never kept is with God and protect the ones that are with me untill they return.

That is why i chose the phrases
In Gods hands...(quite like that one,want to see them translated.)Not literally moving into his hands but his protecting us
Protect my children(i want God and the saints to look over us weather we are on earth or in heaven)

thanks again for all your help here-this really means alot to me and i appriciate your assistance
or Protect my family