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Could some indulgent moderator remove the apostrophe in the title?
Ipse hanc rem tacui ne nimis fascista viderer.
I'm sorry about that, which was the fault of the artificial (un-)intelligence of my Android OS. I normally participate here using my phone, the "autocorrect feature" of which regularly undertakes errant apostrophe insertions where the AI assumes apostrophes should be, and makes spelling and even word changes which are generally incorrect. Such changes are often noticed only in hindsight, once a post has been made, and so regularly force me to edit those mistakes out of my posts. Unfortunately, one cannot edit the title of a post given the software used by this site, leaving me wishing to hell that I knew of a way to disable this "autocorrect" on my phone.
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In truth the shortcut is to stop looking for shortcuts. Perhaps you aren't already familiar with this article by J. Slocum-Bailey, and this great read by A.Z. Foreman, and this compendium of conclusions that Second Language Acquisition research has currently reached. If so, you will certainly also benefit from reading through this collection of discussions related to learning methodology over at reddit. There's a concerted effort underway to bring Latin learning methodology up to date and to rescue learners from the effects of mental translation, something that most existing programs subject them to.
That first article is magnificent! I will look forward to reading the rest when I have time.