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I was watching a documentary for a class on the New Testament, and it briefly showed a mosaic from the synagogue at Sepphoris, then the capital of Galilee. It depicts the binding of Isaac and has three lines of Greek inscription. I tried to find the actual transcription and translation published by the researchers who studied the site. Nothing came up so far, maybe I'm using the wrong keywords. Out of curiosity, I made this tentative transcription :

Μνησθι(?) ἵεις ἀγαθόν βοηθός Αἰμιλίου μετὰ τέκνων εποίησεν τὴν τάβλαν εὐλογία αὐτοῖς

I don't know what μνησθι is so I tried reading it as Μνήσθητι, the closest form I could think of. The presence of the latinate name Aemilius confused me. Could anyone kindly check my transcription and maybe translate the inscription? (I only seem to understand"...the good thing...helper of Aemilius... among children, he made the tabernacle a blessing for them." The verbs in the first part doesn't make sense if read as Μνήσθητι ἵεις...IDK I tried reading it as Μνήσθεις but those two iotas just can't be waved away. )

On a side note, does anyone know of any online library or catalogue of diaspora inscriptions? Are the small group of characters at the end of the third line Hebrew? They are deliberate marks.

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I think the inscription reads as follwos (tried to insert punctuation marks):
Be remembered for good! Boethos, son of Aemilios, together with children made the tabula (i. e. mosaic-work). Eulogy to them (May they be blessed). Amen (in Hebrew).
ΑΙΜΙΛΙΟY genitive: son of...
Mosaic: Eliezer and Ishmael, the two slaves who accompanied Abraham and Isaac, at the foot of one of the mountains of the land of Moriah.
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Having once more examined the first word of the inscription I come to the conclusion that we should read μνησθῇ (aor. pass. subj. instead of regular optative; not unusual in late Greek). The mutilated character follwing the θ is very probably an η ("H"). Middle part of H disappeared. Cf.Μνησθῇ.3196569/ .
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AVGVSTA dixit:
On a side note, does anyone know of any online library or catalogue of diaspora inscriptions?
Awww, crap. I had a really excellent site, but it was saved on my last laptop and I can't remember the goddamn password for it (the laptop).

Maybe it'll turn up in my noggin in the following weeks.