Intense Latin - Application to learn Latin for Android


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Hello community,

Sorry for the spam, but I thought this might be of your interest.

I'm an independent Android developer. You can see my applications here:

As you can see, I'm very interested in Language Learning. I developed the application Intense Latin, which can be checked out here. The application is part of a family of "Intense Languages" applications, which aims to help learning words using the methodology of index cards, but with the advantages of a mobile phone.

This is the description I posted on the Android Market.
Want to read Roman authors? Need to expand your Latin vocabulary? This app will help you memorize TONS of Latin words fast! Thanks to its unique methodology, you will be able to learn up to 100 WORDS / DAY!
The app comes with an initial wordlist of over 1500 important Latin words, including word lists for reading particular authors. If you memorize all these, your understanding of Latin is bound to skyrocket. Updates will bring the word count even higher.
* app suitable for absolute beginner and intermediate students
* learn words in groups of 7
* all nouns have correct Genitive indicated
* irregular verbs have irregular forms indicated
* review while you learn more
* select which categories of words you want to learn
* choose to work on special vocabularies that will help you understand Caesar & Livy, Cicero, Ovid, Catullus or Aesop's fables (as related by Phaedrus)

Although the price is not the cheapest, it really helps me as an independent developer to continue releasing applications I'm doing on my free time. I'm actually finishing a Course of Latin for Android, which I expect to finish by the end of this month. If you want to try the application, try "Intense Esperanto" ( for free. It has more than 3000 downloads and an average rate of 4.1.

I also appreciate any tip for the application. If you want new categories or lists of words to be included, please let me know in so I can add it.


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Oh come on. I’m not paying that for an unproven app. Provide a limited free-trial version and then I’ll evaluate it.


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Hello Cursor Nictans,

If you want to try out the mechanics of the application, you can try Intense Esperanto.