Internet Vocab

Is there a good resource for discussing modern internet terminology. e.g. searching on Google, sending an email, clicking a link, etc...? I am using a curriculum that uses a lot of stories with modern elements relevant to the students. There are multiple languages and the Latin translation is definitely a work in progress. I know some of this is uncharted territory in a way and Latin needs to adapt as it is being used by more and more people. But I would like to(as much as is possible) add new terms in a way that is consistent with how Classical Romans added words.

I know about this page on vicipaedia and it is helpful, but I am hoping for something more comprehensive. Maybe I'm too optimistic.


Civis Illustris
Ecce index notus:
Ceterum, de latinitate ejus nihil dico. Velut, Internetum et Interrete pro Internet dat, quorum primus est barbarismus, alterum novi nonnullos viros doctos abhorrere, quod secundum rationem Romanam, interrete sit spatium inter retia, quod sane sensu caret. An illud ipsum "computatralia" bonum et latinum arbitraris? Quoad nova vocabula, quot capita, tot sensus. Ergo tuo proprio quoque judicio uti potes.

Ceterum, haud semper est opus vocabulis novis. Velut, num interest utrum rem in rete universali ope Google an in cubiculo tuo quaeras? Et si romani epistulas mittere solebat, quid obstat quin nos epistulas electronicas mittamus?