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Danny Macks

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Does Latin have a genderless third-person pronoun that would apply to a person?

I am writing a fantasy story where a creature is speaking telepathically and "language" is being translated into English, but not every word is directly translatable. I've seen bi-lingual speakers borrow words from other languages when talking amongst themselves and the English speaker tends to write himself notes in church in Latin.

It occured to me that a Latin word might be better than what I have so far.

... Maybe the pain would be less if he distracted himself. “You said [Lauren] was going for help. [It] died.”

It? He tried to think of a word for male in the creatures language and couldn't think of it. What language was he speaking anyway and why did his own voice sound so funny?

Iohannes Aurum

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I would like to know how would Stephen King's novel "It" be translated as in Latin.