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i never found that 12 years ago when I typed it in by hand. Its a PDF and needs to be converted to text. None of the Optical Character Recognition software I've seen is reliable enough to make a text data copy that I could use. And besides, the toughest part about making my LatinProject dictionary was identifying what type of word each entry was. The code I wrote to do that still had bugs after three-years of tinkering and debugging so I eventually told it to write what it thought each word was into each word-entry's definition and save each word entry into a separate file so that whatever mistake it made I could change by hand. Ten years later, (I was locked-up for seven of those years) its looking much better.
Now, my project has a much more convenient Dictionary-Editor function which makes it easy to make corrections.
I've made a few changes recently and will upload another version soon,
I didn't want to understate your great work, manual transcription always gives the best result. The question was what particular edition of the Cassell's dictionary did you use (i.e. editor's name and date of publication)? And do you have English-Latin part transcribed?


this is what I wrote down on the title page of my original copy:

Cassell's Latin Dictionary by D.P.Simpson, M.A. Assistant Master and formerly Head of the Classical Department at Eton College

Macmillan General Reference
A Simon & Schuster Macmillan Company
15 Columbus Circle
New York, NY
10023 - 1959

I looked at the Saskatoon Public Library records and found this reference :

its the only one on record for 1959 - so my guess is, that's probably it.
keep in mind that I've added many new entries myself from different sources, so the Dictionary included with TheLatinProject is not limited to entries from the Cassell's Dictionary mentioned above.

as for the English-Latin part : No.
I only typed the Latin-English part into my computer figuring I could (and did) write a search engine to search the content of the files and give me something close to an English-Latin reference that way.


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Wow, a lot of great information you have there!


Just published the Latin Crossword Puzzle.
I have been working on the Latin Project by myself with nothing but the Wheelock's Latin textbook to help me, Cassell's Dictionary (typed myself) and whatever posts I gleaned from this web-site. And I am quite proud, thank you.
here's a cross-word puzzle i've spent the last two months working on.
its pretty good.
et quacumque viam dedit fortuna, sequar.

This book was published before 1963 and it's copyright was not renewed (, so it should be in Public Domain now, but I am not a lawyer.
I'm not sure lawyers are necessary as the website I published on is Open-Source. I make no money from it, give them credit for their material and suggest to readers to buy a copy of their textbook. The way I see it, its good publicity, and few people have the patience to download and go through such a long and complicated installation process anyway.
Could you license your dictionary (just file "" would be enough) under Public Domain, please? I want to produce files for GoldenDict and other computer shells. Many good dictionaries were restricted by copyright for long years, now different "free" licenses make it difficult to combine and reuse information. For example, I don't know could I combine files from two projects licensed under CPOL and CC-BY-SA? I am publishing my works as free as possible, but always respect authors and transcribers.