LatinAmicus v2


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I am excited to announce the second version of our website, LatinAmicus. For those of you who don’t know, this website is dedicated to helping students learn Latin. I encourage you all to check it out! (
Here is a brief rundown of its features:
Case/Mood Use: There are six cases and moods in Latin, and you can use this feature to interactively learn about each case and mood use.
Form Practice: Practice your forms! Enter or choose a random word, list out all the forms you know, and then compare them with the answers! Macrons are supported.
Vocab Practice: In this feature, users can practice their vocabulary. They can choose between English to Latin or Latin to English. Additionally, users can choose between many different datasets, including Cambridge Latin Course, Wheelock’s Latin, Ecce Romani, and LLPSI. At the end of a session, a report will be generated containing all the correct words and missed words.
Thanks for your time! Feedback would be greatly appreciated in the comments.