Leave (the camp) second, come (to the goal/victory) first


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I am just starting to learn latin. I took an introductory course, but now trying to study on my own, and I want to understand the thought process (not just the translation) behind translating something like this phrase: "Leave second, come first".

The context is that you should wait for your opponent to reveal itself, together with its army so you can leave (the camp) for war second, after seeing it, and that will let you come first, come victorious, because you can adapt to the opponent army's strength and formation.

If somebody could explain how to dissect the sentence to make more sense for the translation - I would greatly appreciate the help. I have a computer science background, so I am looking for more "algorithmic" ways to translate things like these, but I obviously fail to do so. Also ESL, so that might be a part of the problem :)

Thanks in advance!