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Certain of the Imperial Salákian Army's legions will have nicknames. I'm porting a version of the Empire into the browser-based roleplaying/nation-building game NationStates. In that game the first Legion's full name, including its nickname, is the 1st Kelsian Home Guard because the first Empress was born in the city Kelsium before the Empire's capital, Adiakium, grew around it. What's the translation of 1st Kelsian Home Guard?


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Possibly Custodia Domestica Kelsiensis Prima.

But I have a doubt: by "1st Kelsian Home Guard", do you mean "the 1st Guard of the Kelsian Home" or "the Guard of the 1st Kelsian Home"? The former is how I more naturally interpret it, and that's how I've translated it above, but your saying "because the first Empress was born in the city Kelsium" makes me doubt.
In this case, I, probably, would have been better off saying something like "City Guard" for clarity because "home" is a shortening of "hometown," which is referring back to Empress Síria I's birth in Kelsium. Their inference is that there'd be no Empire if she hadn't united all of the sargons. Thus, a future Empress stationed the legion there as a tribute to Síria.

Edit: The Legion's official name is, actually, I Kelsí (1st Kelsian). However, residents of the Empire have appended it with the nickname (cognómen?) Custódia patria (hometown guard), at the very least. I'm playing with the idea of having them put the adjectival form of Síria's name into the nickname to quash any ambiguity, making the nickname Custódia patria Sírína (guard of Síria's hometown. Would patria be capitalized? I think it would start with a lowercase letter but want to make sure.
The Roman legion acquired names like this above, the Legion based up the road from me were the highly decorated XIV 'Gemina' and their motto was 'Martial and Victorious'.

I'll add a list as it might serve as inspiration for you.


Thanks for the help again.

There a legion stationed in a town named Skara Colónia. Is the proper genitive form Skara Colóniae or Skarae Colóniae?

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Would the Spec. Ops. branch, such as the Army's Spartans, be Spartáni Kenturia I, Kenturia Spartáni I, or Kenturia I Spartáni? I'm leaning towards one of the first two because not all of the Spartans will be from the modern city of Sparta. I'm modeling the name after modern-day Spec. Ops. units, like the U.S. Army's 1st Ranger Battalion.

Secondarily, what's the translation for armored, as seen in armored division? Both dictionaries I use give loricatus as a translation. However, it relates to soldiers wearing mail armor, not tanks and other armored vehicles.