Live, Love, Learn



First of all, I want to thank those who've helped me with the last post, which was "I am that I am". I think I'm going to stick to the actual Hebrew alphabet for the art work, it being the original.

I have a friend who wants to know what would be proper for a translation of "Live, Love, Learn". I suspect the most basic way to put it would be in the infinitive form. I've gathered "Vivo, Amo, Disco", but I really have no idea of the case of these verbs. Can anyone help with the best way to express this? Thanks!!!
I would suggest the singular imperative form as this seems like a command to me, so:

"Vive, Ama, Disce!"


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For reference:

Vivo, Amo and Disco are in the first person singular active case. "I live, I love and I learn". You can hint at this from the -o ending.

The thing is, when dictionaries usually give you verb definitions, they place the verb in this case, rather than in the infinitive (Vivere, Amare, Discere).

The singular imperative is formed by taking the -re ending of these infinitives. (Vive! Ama! Disce!).

The plural imperative is formed by adding -te to the sing. imperative: Vivete, Amate, Discite!

Edit: So true, I forgot. Thanks, QMF. :dancing:


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Actually, for reference, 3rd conjugation plural infinitives take -ite, the i is short (in contrast to the 4th conjugation's long i). And don't forget "dic, fac, duc".