Love Live with no regrets; love with no limits




As per title getting tattoo done and wanted to check that the wording is correct. The English is "Live with no regrets, love with no limits".
The translation I have for this is "Ago per haud desiderium, diligo per haud fines finium" is this correct or is there better way of spelling this?

Any help most appreciated. :)


Civis Illustris
Someone should add a disclaimer that disallows online translator suggestions... or maybe someone should just turn English back into an analytic language :(

Sine paenitentia vive, sine finibus ama


Civis Illustris
Wait, since it says with no and not without, couldnt you use abl. of accompaniment + cum + nullus -a -um + noun in abl.?


Civis Illustris
Thus, Vive cum nulla paenitentia, Ama cum nullis finibus

Yeah, its a bit of a stretch, but its the only other suggestion I can think of.


Civis Illustris
I think nullo should be nullis, but I think Bitmap's suggestion is smoother overall. I do think its literal translation should be offered, however:
Live without regret, love without limits (very literally "ends", but that's getting too literal).

Also note that if you are speaking to multiple people, vive should be vivite, and ama should be amate.


Civis Illustris
Yeah it should be nullis, and bitmap's is better but i thought this would be another very interesting suggestion to add.