First: apologies if this question has been answered before. I've done a forum-wide search using LLPSI as a keyword but it's mentioned many hundred times and I couldn't parse all the results.

So I want to start the LLPSI method, but I went on Amazon and almost drowned under the sheer number of LLPSI-related books :
-LLPSI pars I : Romana familia (1991)
-Colloquia personarum : LLPSI
-LLPSI : exercitia latina I
-LLPSI pars I : Romana familia, 2nd edition (a LOT more expensive than the first apparently)
-LLPSI 2 volumes : pars II, Roma aeterna + indices
-LLPSI : teachers materials and answer keys for pars I and II
-LLPSI : latine disco, student's manual
-LLPSI ,pars I : grammatica latina

I'd be grateful if anyone could tell me in what sequence all those books are supposed to be used, which goes with which, and which ones are useless (I've read somewhere that some later ones really are).

Thank you!



In my experience, you only really need "LLPSI pars I : Romana familia" to start with. The 1991 edition is black and white while later editions are in colour but I believe it's the only difference. Pars II is for later, once you have finished pars I. LLPSI I is wonderful and will keep you busy for a while anyway. The answer key to the exercices of LLPSI I is floating around the internet.
Have fun!
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Scorpio Martialis has recordings of the dialogues on YouTube if you search.


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Once you pass the basics and reach the intermediary stage. Check out my friend Roberto as well.

Thanks everyone!

Wow, Scorpio Martianus has done an amazing job! And his accent is quite nice to listen to.
I did read that there were CDs/MP3s of those books available, but I haven't found them on Amazon (I wonder what kind of pronunciation was used to make them), so I'll use Scorpio's recordings for now.


Hans Oerberg himself recorded all the stories in LLPSI I, in modern, restored classical pronunciation. Years ago, the lessons, interactive "pensa" and the audio recordings were all available on the publisher's site (Focus publishing, if memory serves). Oh, I've just checked, and it seems today's publisher, Hackett, also sells an online courseware. A free sample is available. I see a CD is also for sale on Amazon.


And, by the way, Interprete, you probably know that, in addition to the books you mentioned in your first post, there are quite a lot of other resources in latin, written by Hans Oerberg or other people who follow his method. Some of them you can read while working on LLPSI I, for variety's sake. 3-4 years ago, I compiled a list of those latin-only resources for another forum. If you're interested, it's here, in the post dated Fri Jul 24, 2015. Some links might be outdated of course.