Lux Arumque

So, I just came back from Vespers from my local Unitarian Universalist Church, and the had a hymn called Lux Arumque by Eric Whitacre. I puzzled what the "arum" was. ("altar"--the closest I could think of-- didn't seem to make sense, in multiple ways) Supposedly it is "gold"? Is that ecclesiastical latin for "aurum"? When googling, even one of the titles for a piece talking about the hymn was "Lux Aurumque".


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Arum is presumably just a typo.

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I wouldn't call it a hymn (it's not something for congregational singing), but it is a beautiful choral piece by Eric Whitacre, and the title is indeed "Lux Aurumque." There is a fine performance of it by a virtual choir, organized and led by the composer in 2010.