Inspirational Maker! Am I wrong?

Chanh Nguyen

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My grandfather last words.... I should have talked to him more but now is not the time for poignant regret. I want to crystallize his will in the the way I want that is in writings. Can I get this translated in Latin pls? Thank you in advance!

PS: Can you also translate "Lord! Am I hearing you right?" Thk!


Civis Illustris
Best I can think of at the moment.
Maker! Am I wrong? - (O) Creator ! Dic mihi num errem ?
Lord! Am I hearing you right? - Domine ! Rectene [audio/ intellego] quid dicas ?


Civis Illustris
Did you tag (and untag) me to look over your translations? They look fine to me.

'dic mihi num errem' literally means 'tell me if I'm wrong'. 'Am I wrong' could also just be translated as 'errone?' (if it has to be short for some reason)