Making a Birthday Gift for a Friend




I'm working on making a T-shirt for my friend Tom.

He works in the county election office, and his team's unofficial motto is:
"We are democracy's bitch" due to a lot of troubles that have happened in the King County Election office over the past few years. It's borring, tedious work, with lots of enforced overtime, and it's a government job with all that associated red tape.

I'd love to get "We are democracy's bitch" translated into Latin so he can wear the shirt to work (he's been known to wear odd shirts to work with inappropriate sayings in foreign languages... which his Chinese or Japanese speaking coworkers have often gotten a kick out of.) The trouble is I don't know much about latin so I bet I'm a bit off.

Now my understanding is that the Latin word for "Bitch" is a bit too literal given the derogatory nature of the word in English. I read the word for a She-Wolf has the better insulting concept as it was used both and insult and a slang term for a prostitute, and is still fairly dog-ish in nature.

Also, Democracy has proven tough to track down because it's greek... the closest phrase I could get was "We are the people's shewolf" ...but I can't imagine I had that conjugated correctly.

"nos es populus lupa"

How far off am I?

Thank you for your time,

-- Brian (Weblord of



  • Consul

sumus lupa populi.

However I think you want a tamer word -- I would interpret the "she-wolf as prostitute" to refer to the candidate who sells her soul for the office rather than the election worker.

The best I can suggest off the top of my head is ancilla ("slave girl, maidservant, etc.). I'm not sure that really suits your purpose either.