Modus Movendi ?!


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Hi guys

"Modus operandi" means literally mode of operate
"Modus vivendi" means mode of live or mode of living

I'm writing an article about urban mobility and I want to say the mode of moving, or the way a certain citizen moves.

Is "Modus Movendi" correct?

Thank you



Civis Illustris
as far as moving (understood as motion, moving, changing position from A to B in certain time is considered, then it seems gramatically OK).
Modus movendi per se exists as expression (renaissance texts, XIX scientific literature)

Inter natatilia et volatilia est veluti cognatio, quam similis corporum constitutio et idem modus movendi apparent. Hoc argumentum, a Darwiniana viventium per gradum mutationis theoria nuper usurpatum, e Sacrae Scripturae versibus [...]

Hope to have been of any assistance to you.