Mostellaria 1:4:13-14 ne prius... quam illi


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Cave modo, ne prius in via accumbas,
Quam illi, ubi lectus est stratus, coimus.

I can't figure out illi. I would have thought it should be illic, but the print version also has illi (with illic in one manuscript). Does anyone have any ideas?


Cívis Illústris
You're essentially right - it's an old form of illīc, rather than a nom. pl. See Lewis and Short s.v. illīc.


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Thanks Iason. I spent so much time trying to figure that one out!

Hemo Rusticus

Jive Turkey
illī is an old locative, and the enlarged form illīc (+ enclitic particle ce) became the literary standard. The development follows the o-stem trend, that is:
Proto-Italic *-oi, Old Latin -ei, L -ī.
So also animī (as in Lucretius), quī (as in 'how'), and a handful of others that in Plautus may be written -ei.