Mostly British dialect maps

The decline and fall of the regional twang has its 'pour et contre' at least from a Brummie perspective and going back a bit further I wonder how much of a centralizing effect Johnson's dictionary must've had? I suspect many words that didn't make it into officialdom had the potential to disappear within a generation or two which I assume would've had a knock-on effect to local dialects as well.


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It says "the app calculates where you grew up based on your answers — with a creepy level of accuracy."

Since about 60% of the people in my neighbourhood are recent immigrants from various parts of the world, I probably would find it creepy if the app could accurately identify where many of them grew up.


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Never mind whether it's "three" or "free". The one that's annoying me is "sikth" for "sixth". It seems to be the official BBC pronunciation now. And we're beginning to hear "fith" for "fifth" as well.

Terry S.

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Very interesting stuff. Two things jumped out at me.

1. 'splinter' - in Ayrshire I don't remember any word other than 'skelf', and it is far from extinct.

2. 'hern' - that's a new one on me, but in Ayrshire, again, 'yourn' was very popular for 'yours' and probably still is.