Tattoo My truth, through virtue, will guide me.


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Hi everyone,

This is an idea I had for a phrase I'd like to incorporate into a tattoo.

to break it down:

My truth: My perception of the world, everything I have experienced and learned making up who I am as a person.

through virtue: I try to envelop virtue in my truth and the way I behave and interact with others. (perhaps vertus?)

will guide me: Exactly that, my guiding force in life is my truth and virtue.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance.

I am male btw :)

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A starting point for this one could be peritia mea virtute me ducet. Thoughts, others?


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Well, peritia is more like "experience" or skill".

I understand your hesitation to simply say veritas mea, though. Maybe it works but I'm not 100% sure as I can't find any example of it used this way.

Another thing, more of a detail, is that since "through virtue" is in an emphatic position in the English, it might be good to put it in a more emphatic position in the Latin, too. The place where you've put virtute is technically the same as in the English, but it doesn't convey the same emphasis because, in Latin, that's a neutral position for it to be in, so in fact it's rather the same as if "through virtue" came after "will guide me" in the English (which would be the default position). You might want to move virtute (or maybe per virtutem) to the end of the sentence, a less neutral position. At least that's what I'm thinking... but matters of word order aren't straightforward and it can be difficult to know what really "corresponds" to what.