naturam sequere tuam word order


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Hello all,

I am looking to get the Latin equivalent of "follow your (own) nature" and I have come across two ways of writing it.
1. naturam tuam sequere
2. naturam sequere tuam

I have read that word order was not fixed in Latin, but I would like to know which way would be the most correct way of writing this. I appreciate any and all help. Thank you


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As you said yourself, there is no strictly fixed word order, hence both versions of your Stoic ideal are correct.


Standard word order usually puts the verb at the end, but indeed any way you want to order it is still correct.


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Standard word order usually puts the verb at the end.
Imperatives are comparatively more often at the beginning, though.

In any case I confirm that either way is perfectly correct here, or even others. I have a personal preference for the look of naturam sequere tuam, but it's merely a matter of taste. It's by no means more correct because I prefer it.