Never Buy a Boat


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As a child, I was forced to go on extended boating holidays because my dad loves boats. It sounds pleasant but my dad was in the Navy, so he believes that life on a boat should be as spartan and unpleasant as possible (e.g. getting up at dawn to polish brass boathooks that tarnish visibly the moment you remove the polishing cloth). Anyway, I found a soulmate as my sister’s then boyfriend (later husband) was forced to join in to impress his future father in law.

We swore a pact never to buy boats ourselves, and he even made it his personal motto: “Never Buy a Boat”.

I’ve just learned that he has, in fact, gone and bought a boat. I wish to remind him of his old motto, and to claim I even went so far as to have it translated into Latin. That’s where this forum comes in. Could someone translate it for me?

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I have to highlight the middle option, only leave out the umquam, which is unnecessary (a negative injunction like this is timeless; it's 'words of wisdom'). That way you have a slightly closer equality of syllable count and an obvious alliteration, thus:

Noli emere naviculam.

Don't buy a boat.