New: Latin Text Editor: SCRIPTOR


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I would like to announce a new Text Editor designed specifically for Latin language writing, SCRIPTOR

Main features

* Full Microsoft Word Like experience.
* Fully in Latin.
* Build in dictionary and spell checker. (Full support for check as you type)
* Build in shortcuts for macrons (Select a vowel and press Ctrl+` to change to vowel with a macron, press Ctrl+` again to change back.).

Download Preview : Here

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
Microsoft .NET 3.5

This is a preview and not all features are ready:

* Dictionary is currently very simple list of words used by Cicero in (Ad Fam, Ad Att, etc.) I am currently implementing full grammar rules and integrating a complete L&S for word study.
* Not everything is converted to Latin yet, a lot of parts are still in English. This is work in progress.
* If you have feature requests or bug reports please let me know via a private message.

Please help me test drive it, this will be released completely for free for the benefit of all.

Thanks you for your help,


Sīmia Illūstris
I haven't tried it yet (I'm about to) but it looks promissing ;) (the image is not showing in your message)

I would lie if I said (for myself) that I have personally no quick way to make macrons or even to do a reliable Latin spell check control... but all in one editor, hmm ;)

+ I maybe (of the all people here with some exceptions) can really appreciate when somebody produces something of his own :thumb-up:

+ If you are doing it for free and want to keep it free, then you should be double-praised! But I will write probably more once I've tried it. Now I have to go and scan some dictionary :D


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Thanks Godmy, I will upload host it somewhere more accessible in the next build. Currently it's on google drive (you might need to be signed in)
Yes this will be an all in one solution. And completely free for all.
Full upload to a better place when I get back from lunch, let me know if you have issues downloading it.

EDIT: Uploaded to Amazon S3. Should be good now. I will upload a new build once I integrate L&S.

Thanks for all the help who ever is testing.


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Fantastic! I'll have to run it through WINE, but that's far better than nothing!

By the way, what is this written in?
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Can I ask where you are getting the L&S from? I have looked on Perseus, but all I can find is the xml version of Lewis' Elementary Latin Dictionary.


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Hi everyone, I just published a new build of SCRIPTOR with some really sweet features. Once you start using the new SCRIPTOR, you will get hooked and you will never go back to writing LATIN without it.

NEW: Word Assistant.

Click on any word as you type to expand it's definition and inflections.

NEW: Updated Spell Cheker

With complete a list of inflections.

NEW: Typing Assistant

Get instant help and morphology hints as you type. This, you will get addicted to :

There is still a lot of work left to do an a lot of idea.

This is still work in progress. Currently still not implemented are (participles, numerals, superlatives and comparatives and a few other small things).

Things to come:
  • Vowel Lengths
  • L&S
  • Prose Hints
  • En-La Search
  • Smart typing assistant (Maybe for some basic things, the assistant can be improved to offer the most relevant order of suggestions. For example you can already see some this idea if you type after the verb "ut" it will offer subjunctives first for the verbs. If the previous word is something other then "ut" indicative will be listed first.)
  • etc...
Hope you love using it and your LATIN improves as a result.
Download location is the same : Here. Unzip it to a FOLDER. (do not run from the zip). See system requirements above.
Ping me for any bugs, ideas etc...


Iohannes Aurum

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It would be great if someone can translate it to Mac (as a .dmg file rather than a .exe file (used for Windows)).

Manus Correctrix

Meh. Linux or GTFO. ;)


Sīmia Illūstris
Meh. Linux or GTFO. ;)
Linux-only users are simply martyrs, what else to say :D


I've finally tried the program (but only for a little while and only a fraction of it) so my review is only superficially describing all its features and it shouldn't be taken too seriously by somebody beginning to learn the language:

Firs I think it is for those who learn Latin, who learn to write... if I had this 3 years ago I think I would love it ;) built-in Whitaker (=as a parser, not a dictionary) working along as you write - what else I could wish for (hmm... if there was something like that for the Ancient Greek :p Maybe one day).

= So anything I will write here doesn't have a big value for a potential user -as I'm not the target group in this area.

Which leads me to a conclusion that for me personally (in my stage - which can be exclusive when compared to others learning Latin) it is sometimes impractical, from several reasons:

These are reasons you cannot probably influence:
1) In the first launch (and without superfetch turned on also other launches) it takes almost 30 seconds on my (bought in 2012) Notebook with Windows7 (don't worry, the Windows is tuned as it can be) for the program to load.
= I suppose you autorun it after the start of your Windows so you don't mind this much...
2) then it takes over 300 MB in the RAM (which is understandable, of course - with all these dictionaries... and I would hardly claim I could make it myself more efficient, but still it's a considerable amount)
3) (as you have warned us) it doesn't work on the Windows XP (and my desktop, where I also spend some time still runs XP and I don't have a reason to change it right now... maybe if I download .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 (if it exists for wXP?)

Quick overview of the software itself:
(I tried only simple writing so far, hence my shallow review)
1) Me personally: it would be slowing me down. The editor is in its nature "a tiny bit" slow as you write (not too much slow and it is an acceptable price for the things it does in the real time but I, in my stage, don't have to pay this price anymore: I prefer to be free in the choice of the place I produce my Latin - also I use often a tweaked Czech layout where instead of the Czech diacritics it gives me macrons...)

My conclusion so far (until I try more of it, but as I say: it doesn't look I would be needing it):
All the things I have stated as slightly negative is an acceptable price for somebody who has been learning Latin passively only and knows it in that area well or has been learning it actively but rather from the sounds than from the letters (your case) and writing therefore poses for him the same challenge as for kids learning to write their mother tongue well after they have learnt the alphabet.

So for my person, my daily use:
- no, but great job! You scarcely find somebody today learning the dead languages and having the capabilities to make them more accessible to general public... and for free!


One of "those" people

* Huge PERFORMANCE improvements.
* The auto-complete list is now ***less*** intrusive, not to interfere with your writing...
* Almost all inflection forms should now work. Even some old forms and some contractions. If you are missing some word, please let me know.

Download location is the same : Here. Unzip it to a FOLDER. (do not run from the zip). See system requirements above.

Ealdboc Aethelheall

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Thank you for this LCF! This is a wonderful tool; very helpful for practising my Latin. Bibleworks has similar abilities for Hebrew and koiné Greek, but not Latin. What is more, Bibleworks doesn't allow you to key in your own words and sentences, so you're limited to studying a limited set of existing texts.

The programme only takes up 185 megabytes of RAM on my machine, which is considerably less than most instances of Firefox.

I do have one question - is it possible to switch to the Latin interface you showcased earlier? Currently, my interface is in English.

Ealdboc Aethelheall

Civis Illustris
Hi LCF - I think Scriptor doesn't know the gerundium yet. If you type in 'ambulandum' or 'vocandum' it will correctly tell you that this is a passive future participle, but will not give you the gerundium as an option. Is it feasible to add gerundium recognition to the programme?

Thanks again for a fab application- Ealdboc.


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Hi LCF - I think Scriptor doesn't know the gerundium yet. If you type in 'ambulandum' or 'vocandum' it will correctly tell you that this is a passive future participle, but will not give you the gerundium as an option. Is it feasible to add gerundium recognition to the programme?

Gerundives and "fut. pass. par." are the same thing. It's a verbal adjective that implies futurity. Because of this futurity, other senses* develop, senses of obligation or purpose etc... Likewise, a gerund is a subset of this, in a neuter form and an implied/understood subject like id, (id, referring back to the action as an object).

legendos libros porto
porto libros ad legendum
ad legendos libros eo

*sometimes this senses dominate
Just tested it on Windows 7. Looks amazing and works very smooth. Thanks a lot!

Just two things:
  1. I can't seem to bring the word assistant (inflections) up. The dictionary at the bottom of the page works, but it doesn't show all the inflections like in your screenshot.
  2. The loading screen doesn't look the way it's supposed to: