non omnia vagantes deerrant


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hey everyone,

i was just wondering if someone could confirm for me that this is the proper translation for
"not all those who wander are lost"

thanks very much in advance!


Civis Illustris
There is a grammatical error in 'omnia'. The rest is good enough to convey the sense required (though I might -- might -- think about changing the tense of deerrant).

Manus Correctrix

Exactly. The two verbs are too similar to make sense.


Vemortuicida strenuus
Even so, that should be omnes, right? I think she meant people rather than things.

Imber Ranae

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I'm not sure where you got the omnia version. It doesn't appear anywhere on the Internet except this very thread, whereas the version with omnes seems to be quoted a lot. Anyway, this has come up before.

Imprecator dixit:
"Not everything that wanders wanders"?
More like "not everything who wanders..." It's ungrammatical.

Cursor Nictans dixit:
Exactly. The two verbs are too similar to make sense.
Well, if it were just erro, perhaps, but I think the de (or ab) element makes the difference clear. I suppose you could gloss it as "not everyone who wanders wanders off/away". With the perfect tense it's even clearer. Otherwise I suppose you could use Bitmap's suggestion in the other thread.