Not all those who wander are lost.


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You folks were stellar a few weeks back helping me with my translation, I'm at it again and I need some Tolkien translated!

title says it all, this is going on me this time!

thanks in advance for any help you see fitting to offer!



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This has come up before. You ſhould really try the ſearch function.


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While I agree that new(-ish) users would do well to use the search function, let's not forget that they may be, unlike us, unfamiliar with the ropes. So let's cut the guy some slack.

Last time it did come up...

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Depending on the precise meaning, I'd suggest either:

Non omnes vagantes aberrant. "Not all those who wander lose their way."

or else:

Non omnes vagantes aberrarunt. "Not all those who wander have lost their way."


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I have put an entry in the frequently requested translations thread to make it easier to find.