Ovid Fasti 6.280

Phoebus Apollo

Civis Illustris
arte Syracosia suspensus in aere clauso
stat globus, immensi parva figura poli,
et quantum a summis, tantum secessit ab imis
terra; quod ut fiat, forma rotunda facit.

I'm struggling to literally translate the bit in bold. quod must be a connecting relative referring to the previous sentence (ie the fact that the earth is as far away from the top as it is from the bottom), but the 'ut fiat' has thrown me. Is it something like 'the round shape does this (quod), so that it happens'?


Staff member
Almost, but not quite. Quod is the subject of fiat, so it's more like "the round shape makes it so that this happens", the round shape makes this happen.