"P P Ref." in 1870 Parish Document


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In the accompanying image, I have put three red dots in the left margin, to the left of three iterations of a priest's surname ("Warnute"?), a surname that in each instance is followed by what appears to be "P P Ref." I am pretty confident the "P P" stands for "parochus parochiæ" ("parish priest") but the "Ref." eludes me.

To provide you context for my question, I might note that it seems apparent that when the scribe has written one other priest's name, two of the times (see two green dots) that other priest's name ("Rwci...") is accompanied by "Coop" (which almost surely is short for "coop. loci" ("assistant local priest" or "assistant priest of this location/place," from "cooperator loci," meaning "assistant (priest [understood]) of this place (meaning, of this parish)). That likely meaning of that other abbreviation makes me think that the abbreviation "Ref." in the phrase "P P Ref." is some sort of adjective attached to describe the priest's role in performing a baptism in this parish.

So my question is: Do you have any ideas what the "Ref." in "P P Ref." stands for?

Thank you!