Patience and the translation fora


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A number of people I know from another forum have recently dropped by Latin D requesting a translation. These are people who, despite not knowing Latin, do not lack anything in the intelligence department.

Well, you can guess how some of them were treated. For the record, no one complained. These are just my observations.

This makes me wonder, how many intelligent and polite people asking for a translation have been most impolitely snapped at here.

So, as far as solution to the problem goes:
1. Our new software, when I finally manage to set it up, will have a separate format for translation requests. Make suggestions regarding this here: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=10132

2. Until #1 is implemented, please be patient with the translation requests. Take a break, if you have to, but do not let that section wear you out. For everyone's sake.