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Policy on homework help:

We are happy to help with homework-- by which we mean we are happy to help anyone learn Latin. But if we just do an assignment for you, this end is not advanced, and we risk being made party to academic fraud.

If we suspect we are being used in this way, we will in general ask for more input from the poster, to insure real involvement on his /her part.



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We are all keen Latinists, and happy to help you understand how to understand your assignment.

It is always obvious, however, when you post school work. Trying to pass your homework off as something else is fraudulent and may get you expelled from your academic institution. It will also irritate the members of the forum, and you if you try it, you will receive a warning. You will be banned for repeat violations.

To make it obvious that you are not cheating:
1. Put your request in the Latin Beginners Forum.
2. Start your subject with HW:
3. YOU MUST PROVIDE your own attempt at answering the question. If you fail to do so, your post will be deleted. Please state clearly which are the issues that you are having difficulty with.
4. DO NOT post the output of Google translate as your own work. It will only make you look stupid.

If you cannot answer the question at all, we will be unable to help you. You need to discuss your problem with your teacher urgently.
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