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For me in that batch, PJ Harvey was a pleasant surprise. She's quite the talent but rarely gets a mention in the music world.
I really like her and her style - especially her way of tuning guitar (good balance between dark blues and rock; bit more soft and gentle than american grunge/rock)

Here's my salute to the rebel girl from Yeovil Somerset


While taking out the last of existing framework today I unfastened a plaster screw that was fixed through a shaved timber and into the gas mains. As I removed it went fssssssssttttttt. I ran to cupboard and switched lecky and gas off. It has cost me £80 for an emergency call-out.



Thursday night and a stubborn joist from hell. Would not come out. Ended up pushing panel out into utility room proper.


An early reproduction of a Titchmarsh and Goodwin Jacobean court cupboard. Managed to haggle him down from £165 to £135 if I also bought a chest of drawers off him too, which I have (see below).


Early 20th century chest of drawers in jacobean style.


Victorian beehive brass candlesticks. Haggled down from £30 to £20. To go on court cupboard and hopefully flank a bust of Apollo a bit later down the road.

I'll stop all indulgences now and remain fixed on the tasks at hand, namely tradesmen costs and my own immediate jobs, flooring, boarding, etc. I'm reminded of the fate of vain Phaeton and I'm determined to resist reaching beyond my means. Antique picture frames, vases, etc, will have to wait till later in the year.
Well I might just jump on the sun chariot for one more little spin. I've found a nice frame but I shall have to speak to the gaffer when she's nice and relaxed. Fingers crossed. But that's it then.


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The cupboard and candlesticks look nice.

However, your previous post got me worried that you might cause your house to collapse or go bang.

Well, maybe it's ultimately a good thing that you found the screw, because it might have caused trouble by itself at some point? Like, say, if something made the metal move a bit, creating a silent leak. I'm not sure.

Builder came this week to make hole and fit frame, I've now hung door with no snags bar having to saw the bottom to leave myself a liberal inch and a half for base and finish flooring.


Window now fitted where garage doors were. Nice wide vista too. This is such a bonus due to being at the beckon of what the fitter (of my mate's) could grab me so it's ended up both quite cheap and more than I expected in terms of fitting and quality. He's to come back to finish with silocon gun.

Friday and over weekend I start the strut supporting for the floor base. I've managed to clean up lots of existing timber, screws, L-brackets and was able to get my hands on some more timber that was being scrapped, alas I'll have to dip in pockets for some longer joists and the osb boarding 4' x 8' which is expensive.

This large 20th century picture frame is currently at £19. It would be fair to say I'm watching it like a hawk.


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I thought it was a mirror until I noticed the shaft* of the easel.

*Not sure this is the right word, but hopefully you see what I mean.

Day two of building framework and base for floor. Slow going but I'm working alone.


This other end might prove a tad trickier due to the boxing in around walls and pipes. Hopefully I can finish today but I'm not certain.

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Man, this is wild! I'd love to have that little nook under my sway.

Keep at it, hermano. Pronto vendrás a la tierra prometida.


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Bravo Hawk! Your studio is comming to life. Lovely pics. When do you estimate all works to be completed?
Bravo Hawk! Your studio is comming to life. Lovely pics. When do you estimate all works to be completed?
I'm not sure. After the boarding it might stall for a while especially if I can't use my old plasterer, it's a high ceiling and might be a bit too much for him. Young lads cost a fortune too especially young plasterers.
Might need help with the boarding stage. My middle lad will be about on weekends but due to job he's normally in bed hungover if he's not partying.

He broke wind sunday morning lying in his bed as I popped in there to grab something. I said: 'that's the best part of you gone for the day' as I exited quickly trying not to inhale.

Young men are bloody animals.
Thirty-eight 3' x 6' boards have arrived along with a sluagh of battened timber. The ceiling is roughly 11' at its highest and there's patchwork to do up there. Might need help with that part but I'll have a bash myself first, per angusta ad augusta.

So sunday begins phase 2 I suppose.