Hmm...with some battens and boards fixed I'm now fearing for my space in width but what to do? I'm governed by my highest points on any given wall. I can consiole myself with the fact I can't go any thinner than a batten and board depth.

All now boarded and ready for the plasterer. I had an idea for the step, I'm going to place some nice tiles, I have in my shed, all around the riser and border them with some nice inlay.

Bade the plasterer a fond adieu and all is now ready for painting and coving. The myriad of sloped lines to this ceiling are beyond my mitre saw abilities as some corners, due to the slope, will require four to five measured cuts to make a clean turn. A challenge.

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That first picture (the one that looks reddish) looks like a really comfy place to be.
I'm going to town on the step. I have all materials including some rather nice tiles (to tile around riser) so it's a case of time spent as opposed to monies.

I've now layed the floor and threw the double bed base in as I intend to sleep in here midweek. The step (with tiled riser) will be next then the skirting, railing (alternative to coving) and architrave. I'm also repainting to a darker green.



This is fancy 10mm flooring with nice knots too but the best thing is it was damaged (a bit) so the price per pack dropped to £6 from £24. Brilliant.


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Did you do all of this on your own? That's quite amazing.
Did you do all of this on your own? That's quite amazing.
Yes, except for plastering, knocking out hole and window fitting.

I have issues with coving her though due to the vaulted ceiling so I'm going to using dado on walls just below ceiling line at it's lowest point with a bigger gap in other sections (basically dado will remain level regardless of slopes) and all above will be white. It will look interesting if not slightly odd. We shall see.
Did you do all of this on your own? That's quite amazing.
It's not really amazing though, more just having the tools and a bit of confidence to have a go. I mean I wouldn't dream of trying the dado and skirting freehand but with a mitre saw it's just about getting your angles correct.


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I'd hit myself in the head trying to drive a nail in the wall.
I realize it's overkill but other than time it has cost peanuts as I already had tiles, grout, wood filler, etc. It was a case of buying some nice trim and varnish. I think I spent roughly £15 all in.

Next is repainting (green) then skirting and dado but this will probably be in around a month before I start.



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Not really. It's come to a grinding halt due to work as it's the busiest period now. Left the house a couple of nights ago at 6:50am and walked back through the door at 9:45pm. Effing awful, I hate it.
A fruitful weekend. Could not overcome coving issues due to vaulted ceiling so decided on a picture rail to separate white from green with a nice edge.




Mitre block gives me my internal 45° angles and what not so no headaches with joints.


Mark, measure, draw and pin.




So far so good.


Once completed, sand joints and lightly fill with filler. Then gloss white to a finish.
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In hindsight I should have first primed lengths in white but it's been a ghastly week and not much time.

Actually managed another job in utility room too, one of space saving. Which has chuffed her no end as she wasn't expecting me to get around to it yet.


Stacked housing for washer and dryer. The utility room is my next big project after music room. Bit of a mess in there at the mo due to ripping sink, cupboards and worktop out.
Off this week getting a bit more done. Picture rail and window ledge now fitted then primer coats applied. Still a long way from finishing and cutting in but progress nonetheless.






Added an architrave block above door. Probably overkill but I like how it's come out and it was a cheap buy.