Pronunciation of letter 'v'


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Because he didn't use the classical "restored" pronunciation but a more ecclesiastical, or medieval, or late-Latin one, or so, I presume.


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Oerberg uses the restored pronunciation for most part. But similarly as the conservative Finnish latinists (like at the radio yle), they insert some nationalisms into the pronunciation. For oerberg it's [v] in certain positions (or it rather sounds like one). Otherwise his pronunciation is the restored one (if we omit that the stress/vowel lengths are not always 100%).

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You do realize that the person who asked this question two years ago already understood that right?


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In Classical Latin, Vs are pronounced as the English Ws. For example, the word for man, vir would be pronounced as weer with the R being a light trill, or a rolled r so to speak.
The i sound in vir is also short as opposed to weer.