News (Ancient) Publication of 500-year-old manuscript exposes medieval beliefs and religious cults



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A rare English illuminated medieval prayer roll, believed to be among only a few dozen still in existence worldwide, has been analyzed in a new study to expose Catholic beliefs in England before the Reformation in the sixteenth century.

Now in private hands and previously unknown to experts, this meter-long roll provides fresh insights into Christian pilgrimage, and the cult of the Cross before Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries.

Examination of the ancient roll's illustrations and text, including religious verse in Latin and English, are published in the peer-reviewed Journal of the British Archaeological Association.

"In particular," art historian, and study author, Gail Turner states, "the study demonstrates Christian devotion in medieval England.

"It gives insight into the devotional rituals connected to a large crucifix ('Rood') at Bromholm Priory, in Norfolk, and uncovers a direct link between this 16th century artifact and a famous religious relic once associated among Christians with miracles."

The 'Rood of Bromholm', as it is known to historians, supposedly contained a fragment of the cross upon which Jesus was crucified. The relic transformed the Priory into a popular pilgrimage site mentioned by Geoffrey Chaucer and in The Vision of Piers Plowman.




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litore aureo dixit:
After that, the trail appears to go cold, according to Turner, who adds it is 'presumed to have been destroyed in London with many other relics, although its fate remains uncertain'.
This is what cancel culture looks like in retrospect.