Pugio Bruti XLI

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“Quaero,” inquit Clodius, “adulescentem. Te esse illum putabam.”
“Age, intuere me!” inquit, “Sumne ille quem quaeris? Intuere me, inquam!”
“Non puto.”
Cui adulescens: “Qui scis?”
“Tam,” inquit Clodius, “magnis es manibus!”
Adulescens subrisit. Pugione posito Clodio manum dedit.

Clodius said, “I am searching for the young man. I thought you were him.”
“Look at me!” He said, “am I who you are searching for? Look at me, I say!”
“I think not.”
To which the young man (said): “how do you know?”
Clodius said, “you are with so large hands.” [your hands are so large.]
the young man smiled. After putting down the dagger, he gave his hand to Clodius.

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john abshire

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qui means "how" here ... qui scis = "how do you know?"

Yes. Or slightly more elegantly: "after putting down the dagger ..."

It's mainly right except for the qui scis.
Do you know that quis means “how” vs “what” from context (only)?


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Quis means "who?"

Qui is an old instrumental form meaning "by means of what?" i.e. "how?"


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You'll likely comme again across this instrumental Qui with the verb 'fio'.
Like in "Qui fit ut" ("How come"), which is for example used in the fisrt satire of Horace : "Qui fit, Maecenas, ut..."
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