Question about Caesar, Gallic War, IV.21.9


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I have a question about Caesar’s Commentarii on the Gallic War, IV.21.9.

First the text (Perseus Digital Library):

Volusenus perspectis regionibus omnibus quantum ei facultatis dari potuit, qui navi egredi ac se barbaris committere non auderet, V die ad Caesarem revertitur quaeque ibi perspexisset renuntiat.

Here is the translation on the Perseus Digital Library site:

Volusenus, having viewed the localities as far as means could be afforded one who dared not leave his ship and trust himself to barbarians, returns to Caesar on the fifth day, and reports what he had there observed.


My question: Is it wrong to translate “ei” “to him” instead of “one,” i.e., …. as far as means could be afforded to him who… ?

The translation “to him who” makes it personal and a more direct criticism of Volusenus’ un-Roman lack of courage.