quin tu audi


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I am wondering about the grammar of quin imperatives. Their interpretation seems to incorporate both question and command elements. My question is: what clause type should we consider this construction?


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Traditional explanation:
quin tu audi] quin < qui-ne, i.e. why not; properly speaking an encouraging question like Quin tu audis?, i.e. Why do you not listen? Intended meaning intensified imperative Audi! i. e. Listen! > Both elements contracted to one exhortative clause Quin tu audi, i.e. Just do listen ...! or something like that.
Cf. Valerius Flaccus 7, 257: "quin hoc" ait "audi..." (i.e. Nay, listen to this," she says..., transl. J. H. Mozley)
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