Raise hell with words.

Abraham Raju

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Hey everyone,
Phrase :Raise hell with words.
Context : I'm president of a debating society in my college and decided that it'd be great if we could have a tagline.
I came across the phrase from virgil,also quoted by signmund freud -
'Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo',which I believe transalates to

'If I cannot move Heaven, I will raise Hell.'

I loved the last phrase -and since we're debaters,'raise hell with words'-is actually quite applicable to us.If it can expressed in a way where it becomes a pun-which can mean either create chaos (hell)with words and also influence (move) hell with words that'd be amazing!

I've heard that latin needs to be gender specific-but since this tagline is one for a group or a society,does it matter?If so,it would be alright if it's masculine.
Thank you!


Homo Sapiens
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Is "raise" a command to one person, a command to several people, or just an idea (like "to raise hell...")?

Abraham Raju

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An idea more rather.It could mean to rouse hell or influence hell etc like he original Latin phrase I am borrowing from. An Accurate translation is not necessary,but somewhere along the same lines as 'raise hell with words'


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Assuming you indeed want the idea and want to adapt the quote from Virgil:

movere Acheronta verbis.

'Moving (raising) the Acheron (hell) with words', understanding something like 'is what we do'.

Abraham Raju

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Thank you so much!
Is there any other equivalent word I could substitute movere for?
I was also wondering whether I could use inferno (hell) instead of acheronta ..how would the phrase change if both or either one are taken into account?


nulli numeri
tollere inferna verbis.