Schutzstaffel - Protection Squadron

Afternoon all,

I'm writing a story which is based in a post-apocalyptic world and part of it will include descendants of Heinrich Himmler and the SS (cheery subject, I know...). Time has passed and memory faded, language moved on etc, and 200+ years after WWII, the name has probably shifted.

Is there a translation/alternative in Latin that would sound good? The way language is going in the tale there will be a bit of backsliding to Latin, so I'd like to at least start with a decent Latin phrase, before I consider butchering it with some Anglo/Germanic adjustments - might not adjust it if the pure Latin translation sounds scary/interesting enough :)

Any and all help greatly appreciated!


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I thought S.S. was "Black Shirts" (Schwarz-wald = "Black-Forest") and S.A. was "Brown Shirts?"
Maybe that was an unofficial name and "Protection Squadron" was the official one?
Not sure on the literal translation of The SS. Wikipedia has it as Protection Squadron. Other sites say Protection/Protective Echelons. Not sure which one is more correct...

Bestiola, is that a direct translation of Protection Squadron?


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Bestiola, is that a direct translation of Protection Squadron?
I would prefer using "praesidiaria" rather than "praesidialis" (according to my dictionary, "praesidialis" means "of or belonging to the governor of a province, gubernatorial", whereas "praesidiaria" means "that serves for defence or protection").