Searching for photo of Greek vase painting


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In "Handbook for the Ruins and Museums of Rome" from 1855, Emil Braun mentions:

Another vase-painting, discovered at Perugia, represents Jason at the important moment, when with drawn sword he enters the monster's jaws, evidently with the intention of overcoming it in this manner;
I can't find any image of that vase. I checked my books about vase paintings too, without any success. Is there a way to get more information about it or maybe a picture?

I saw another one, but there the hero is claimed to be Heracles, but he isn't wearing the Lion skin, neither a beard (and is too handsome). Can that be the same vase and the Twitter user mistaken?
Handbook for the Ruins and Museums of Rome, Page 488:



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Beyond my meager abilities, sorry! But it's not impossible that Argonauticus have something up his sleeve.