"Season one"


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I need a translation of "Season one" in terms of the first season of a series of episodes. Obviously, such concepts as seasons of episodes have not existed while latin was in wide use, however I believe "season" in the sense of "season of the year" to be close enough. What would be a good way to say "Season One" or "First season"? ( And up to fourth ). I would really appreciate your help in translating this!

A friend suggested TEMPUS PRIMUS.

Thank you very much!


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That would have to be tempus primum.

Then, for season two, three and four, in order:

Tempus secundum
Tempus tertium
Tempus quartum

Issacus Divus

H₃rḗǵs h₁n̥dʰéri diwsú
Why not?


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Thank you to all of you, this is of much help! How about "Volume one" or "First Volume", etc.? Maybe that would work better? Series has a moder conotation ( being the same word ). I'm looking for something close enough to be understood but latin sounding enough to be weird:) Compendium primum?