Mediaeval Sed illud in infirmitatem...

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Hi all,
Much thanks for your help with this. My translation below. I am particularly struggling with the et illam dejiciendo... portion

sed illud in infirmitatem quandoque aut resolvunt aut resolvi patiuntur ad
eruditionem ut adversitas reddat intelligentiam quam prosperitas
furata erat, et illam dejiciendo sublevet quam haec elevando

but whenever that (i.e., the body) is sick, they (i.e., angels) either release it or allow it to be released for the purpose of instruction in order that the adversity should render understanding which prosperity stole, and the former (i.e, adversitats) assists [the latter/prosperity] by casting it down, which this (prosperitas) had cast down by raising it up.


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In infirmitatem goes with aut resolvunt aut resolvi patiuntur. It's literally something like "they either undo/loosen it or allow it to be undone/loosened into infirmity", but you'd better say something like "they either cause or allow it to fall into infirmity/sickness" or something like that.

et illam dejiciendo sublevet quam haec elevando subjecisset = and that it (= adversity) may, by throwing [the person or body] down, raise up the former (= understanding), which the latter (= prosperity) would have cast down by elevating [the person or body].


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It's not the most straightforward sentence ever. ;)