Mediaeval Sermon on angels

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Thankful for any help you all can offer on my translation. The following line is giving me trouble: Hinc est quod domination eorum vere tyrannica est et corrupta… my edition marks adverbs with an accent grave (see below). It did so on the quod in this sentence, but I’m not sure how to render it.
accent grave.png

Per hoc solvitur quaestio quomodo daemonum superiores non
insipientiores sunt, cum sint deteriores in malitia per quam mens
excaecatur. Sunt enim in speculationibus et in pravis operationibus
exercendis solertiores, acutiores et ingeniosiores, quemadmodum
gulosi circa ciborum delicatorum exquisitionem et avari circa extor
siones pecuniarum et opum coacervationem. In judiciis autem practicis
et moralibus exequendis maxime erronei sunt, insipientissimi,
hebetatissimi, obtusissimi, dicentes bonum malum et malum bonum,
ponentes tenebras lucem et lucem tenebras. Hinc est quod dominatio
eorum vere tyrannica est et corrupta, quia pejores et proprie insipien
tiores dominantur. Utinam simile non esset in Ecclesia sancta Dei
ut non praesiderent qui sapientes sunt ut male agant, bene autem
facere nesciunt.

Through this, a question is resolved: how are the greatest of demons not more foolish [than others], since they are more wicked in malice, through which the mind is blinded? For they are more skillful, more acute, more ingenious in carrying out scrutinies and in perverse activities, just as the gluttons are with seeking after of sumptuous foods and the greedy with extortions of money and heaping up of wealth. However, in practical judgements and moral pursuits, they go astray most of all. They are the most foolish, the dullest, the most obtuse, teaching that what is good is bad and what is bad is good, thinking the shadows to be light, and the light to be the shadows. Hence whatever their leadership is, it is truly tyrannical and corrupted, since the eviler and especially the more foolish rule. If only it were not similar in the holy church of God, so that those who are learned in doing evil, but know not how to do good, did not preside.