Servo Fidem or Fidem Servo


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I'm just curious which is correct, I have seen both written as mottoes and both supposedly meaning
I keep the faith or Keep the faith. So which is correct? or what's the difference?

Servo Fidem


Fidem Servo

by the way, thanks for what you do here. I get directed to this site from time to time looking for meaning from latin phrases, though this is the first time i've actually posted. I enjoy reading the posts.


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Both servo fidem and fidem servo have 'I' as their subject.

If you want a command, it would be serva fidem (telling one person), or servate fidem (telling multiple people).


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I don't think I could study a language on my own. I tried with spanish during 2 summers in high school, I had my parents old spanish books, its really different if there's someone to teach you (also I had no one to converse with as there was no internet then). The best I could do with latin is memorize the words and the meaning but that won't help me with the grammar.