solum rei est scio me nihil scire

I want to get a tattoo in the latin language that translates to "the only thing I know is that I know nothing" which is itself an english rough translation of the socratic paradox. For me, this is to serve as a reminder to live with an open mind, especially as it pertains to other people. Also, it's to serve as a reminder of the limits of human understanding - not to rationalize ideas with no basis in reality. Additionally, Anthony Bordain the recently deceased chef and travel show host had a tattoo of the socratic paradox (his was in greek not latin, but I want latin), and he is someone I looked up to. I greatly appreciate help to verify that the translation above which I generated via google translate has the same meaning as the socratic paradox.


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No, the machine translation is not correct. When translating from or into Latin, Google Translate is almost never correct.

Vnum scio me nihil scire is a correct translation.

Note that Vnum, if written in lower case, is unum. It's traditional to write U's as V's in caps in Latin but if you prefer Unum, that's acceptable too.