Spells for fantasy fiction (Lig? hic librum; Obstupefaciā)


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Hello there.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been learning Latin for use in fantasy fiction. I just need some guidance to make sure that a couple of short phrases are grammatically correct, which I intend to use as spells:

1. Ligā hic librum, which should mean restrain (as in tie up or bind) this book. The phrase will be used as a command so I hope I’ve got the imperative form right. And the word bind isn’t used in the context of a book’s bindings, but simply to denote a restraining aspect, as the books in question are grimoires which are able to inflict damage on others. (I did say it was fantasy )

2. Could the word “Ligā” also be used as a simple command without an object? As it’s obviously not just books that might need restraining. In my notion of the spell, great magical cords come out that bind an object to stop it from moving.

3. Obstupefaciā. The spell is to stun someone (singular), much as a taser might work but less violent.

Any help or reassurance would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks



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1. hunc librum

2. Sure.

3. obstupeface