Spoken Latin via Skype


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Hi LCF - Thanks for your kind offer. I am unable to send a PM since I haven't yet posted the minimum number of posts needed to activate the PM system. Could you send me an email at johannes_sousius[at] outlook[dot]com so I can reply back? Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.



sent you his contact.


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Looks so, lol. Thanks! But it's a shame, the zombies don't seem to speak... If Roman zombies should come, they must speak!!!
Yeah, there's english too it seems. :eek: Btw zombies have never been very talktative, they would probably just mutter something like "cerebraaa... cerebraaa..."
Perhaps we need another word for an ability to converſe freely and eaſily (if not 'naturally') in a verbal form of a written language of ſcholarship that has (regardleſs of any colloquial origin in the diſtant paſt) for many centuries enjoy'd the ineſtimable benefit of not being in any way ſubject to the degenerative tendencies of any yet evolving colloquial dialects.
Latin did not 'die', as ſome might wiſh to claim. Her learned cuſtodians rather preſerved her for all time by actively diſavowing any further connexion with her vulgar daughters, and thus allowing them to devolve in their own unedifying ways without corrupting her.


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Well if you watch an horror you don't expect long latin orations by zombies... Unless they use Google Translate latin, maybe then it could still be classified as horror.


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MagisterT, you mentioned that "it ain't cheap" but didn't mention any pricing. Did you find a website of his with details? Can you share any other information?

I did see that he has a summer course in June in Atlanta but with a little one on the way I will not be able to go. :(

Hi Jon,
Sorry it took me so long to get back on this. If you are reading Lingua Latina and Roma Aeterna, getting together with Robert would be an amazing thing. He teaches from these books. He is a terrific guy and you'd be speaking and understanding Latin much more quickly than if you just read it. His email address is robertocarfagni@yahoo.it He'd be happy to talk to you via Skype just to check out how it works. Only problem is that his English is not great. Write back if you're curious.

This conversation is rather far afield from what I had originally intended. My point is not "fluency" however regarded. The point is that speaking is a highly effective way of learning and mastering the language. That was the point of Hans Orberg's endeavor with Lingua Latina. The teacher should teach by speaking to students just the way the other languages do it. I was resistant to this at first, but when I see the progress that others have made (with the perk of being able to speak Latin), I am won over in the end.


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Thank you so much MagisterT. I was able to contact Roberto and am discussing with him.
So glad you're talking to him. He's one of a kind. As soon as I have a few denarii, I'll be knocking on Roberto's door. BTW, the more lessons you sign up for, the less costly the education is.