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Hemo Rusticus

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Nadsat gloss for that scene:
dook (R дух) 'ghost'
yarbles/yarblockos (R яблоко 'apple') = 'bollocks'
nozh (R нож 'knife')
britver (R бритва 'razor')
tolchock (R толчок 'buffet')
dooby-doob (R добрый 'fine/good')
spatchka (R спаться 'sleep')
Pondering Newton's first Law of Motion and wondering how the first clause applies considering we're on a planet in motion. I mean in reference to what are we at rest? Are we not all in motion at a straight course and constant speed until accelerated by a force? Isn't everything in motion like as in clause II of Newton's first Law? What could possibly be categorically at rest that we can comprehend?

Terry S.

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Maybe ponder McGonagall's First Law of Motion instead: if it's no there noo, it must've shifted.

It's derived from his very scientific observation:

On yonder hill
I saw a coo
It's no there noo
It must've shifted.
I mean it actually does refer to the second clause of the First Law. But when the cow was there and prior to an acceleration, was it in a state of constant straight motion or rest?

I suppose relative to McGonagall it perhaps was at rest but say relative to the sun the cow would not be at rest, surely.

I know I'm missing something but no doubt it'll eventually click.
Time to make the most of a rare day off midweek. A run to the skip (tunes on), a spot of painting and priming (tunes on), finishing off with the quickest of slurps in my local around 5pm.

Hemo Rusticus

J. Wellington Wimpy
in my local around 5pm.
Thy local, quotha? Is that 'The Virgin Queen' or 'Bess's Privy Delight'?
In Pepys' diary there's a pub called Hercules' Pillars and another called The Devil. Many more like that and many that are still in use today as pub names, which is nice.
Absolute and wonderful silence is soon to be broken by a Purcell or Iggy mix on youtube. Days off with no one home (bar me) are a luxurious rarity nowadays.

Hemo Rusticus

J. Wellington Wimpy
You go, girl. Breathe deep, undo your ivory cufflinks, & chug a little NyQuil for good measure.
Bluetooth speaker, check.
Tunes on phone, check.
The will to start, check(ish).

Then it's time to gloss the picture rail.

Issacus Divus


The top end of the garden is a mess.

Job for today.
Step I: strip old shed down
Step II: clear area
Step III: begin digging foundations for patio


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Three members online - should be sufficient room for social distancing.

Terry S.

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Aye, spread the job out a bit or 'er indoors will have you building an outdoor sauna and hot tub next.