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Is it solid wood or veneer? Yes, nice looking, but not sure I'd ever buy furniture from that period for investment. But that's just me - probably wrong attitude.
The ones I've been looking at are solid wood but considering mdf came about around the same time I can't say if they're all solid wood throughout the ranges.
Itching for a game of tennis but there's no one to play this afternoon and the evening in my mate's garden (summer house) with the tunes on has been cancelled.

In light of this I plan to eat like a wintered Serbian tonight while watching a film. Thinking Indian cuisine and a supposed biographical film.
Parking reservation paid and nowt for it now but to London on Friday (for the day). Finally going to see the throne chair among other things.

Thinking of remaining in and around Westminster as I have from 11am to 6pm.


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Here too. About ten degrees (Celsius) less.
Next Friday is looking rather dicey. Two entire classes (not his) at school next week are now off due to covid. If he's off it's off. All is in the lap(s) of the Gods.

Edit: not to mention the £50 on tickets to Westminster Abbey. Doesn't bear thinking on for a cheapskate.

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I know it well, at least from the days when it still had a quiz machine, much favoured by civil servants who worked nearby. More tourists now, probably, assuming there are any. It was always notoriously fruity on St George's Day, for some reason, but likely to be quite peaceful when you're there.
I never realised the British Museum was free, so chuffed. I think the Roman artefacts are in room 19. Not checked yet but I'm hoping the Elgin Marbles are housed there too as opposed to the other London museums.

The toll and congestion charges are confusing me a little, need to sit down tonight and work it all out.


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Shizen bag is on the minibus and the way is now clear to New Troy Town and old tombs of kings and queens.
sit iter laetum - bene ambula et redambula!
Could not get as close to Edward the Confessor's and Edward I's tombs (among others) as is normally expected but it was a fascinating tour nonetheless

The National Portrait Gallery was closed (I never checked the free entry places I wanted to visit so I never realized till I was outside it. Disappointed.

The British Museum was spectacular, to be able to view so many readabout sculptures and artefacts in the flesh was terrific. The highlight of the day was the north and west sections of the Parthenon Frieze, the Lapith and Centaur scenes.

I won't put pics on here when there's stacks already online but I will show the one I took by the Chapter House in the Abbey of the oldest door in Britain circa 1050 AD.

And also a pleasant surprise. A Piranesi vase I spotted from a mile off at the British Museum. Apparently it's a fairly accurate depiction of a fragmented one found at Hadrian's Villa. So chuffed to get close to a Piranesi work.
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I'm trying to get back down there for the day next month again as I ran out of time at the British Museum. Need a full day in there tbh.

The National Portrait Gallery is now closed till 2023.
I asked one of those Guides standing at the Abbey if he'd allow me to see Spenser's and Milton's memorials as part of Poet's corner was sectioned off and he did. He opened it up and I was able to read the inscriptions.

But on the way he said "And there's Dickens" to which I said (according to Alan Bennett) "Ah, he never wanted to be interred here" to which the Guide replied "No, that was Hardy".

Now I'm not sure if the Guide is correct, Bennett, both of them or if I'd mixed up what Bennett had said in the past.
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Bought another detector last week and went to my old farm permission earlier today to see if I can still detect there. Took a late 19th century (if I recall) lead bag seal that I found when last on his farm years ago to give him.

The answer was yes. I'm starting tomorrow in a field that brings up Roman and medieval.


I'm ringing the Post Office on my dinner break. Over two months now since I posted my package to Greece. It was recorded delivery so I want £50, which I think is the maximum they give back on lost items.