Status Thread

Is it solid wood or veneer? Yes, nice looking, but not sure I'd ever buy furniture from that period for investment. But that's just me - probably wrong attitude.
The ones I've been looking at are solid wood but considering mdf came about around the same time I can't say if they're all solid wood throughout the ranges.
Itching for a game of tennis but there's no one to play this afternoon and the evening in my mate's garden (summer house) with the tunes on has been cancelled.

In light of this I plan to eat like a wintered Serbian tonight while watching a film. Thinking Indian cuisine and a supposed biographical film.
Parking reservation paid and nowt for it now but to London on Friday (for the day). Finally going to see the throne chair among other things.

Thinking of remaining in and around Westminster as I have from 11am to 6pm.


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Here too. About ten degrees (Celsius) less.
Next Friday is looking rather dicey. Two entire classes (not his) at school next week are now off due to covid. If he's off it's off. All is in the lap(s) of the Gods.

Edit: not to mention the £50 on tickets to Westminster Abbey. Doesn't bear thinking on for a cheapskate.